Montgolfièr is an animated re-creation of an artwork by Marcel Duchamp (downloading takes roughly 3 minutes at 28.8)


See also these two Quicktime VR movies of scenes from Brasil, extracted from handheld camera shots. One overlooks Rio de Janeiro, the other overlooks a cemetary. They are fakes, in that the views are not really panoramas, but I fooled the Quicktime VR movie creator into making them so they wrap around 360 degrees.

 Here are two later VR moveis, show with a digital camera (Kodak DC-4800)

San Francisco Mime Troupe, opening day July 4, 2001

Downtown Oakland at 15th and Jackson for Bruce Bortin's Clandestine Public Art

Pink Noise Home Page
Cactus Needle Project movie

This is a slideshow, with soundtrack, of a video piece that is played with live electronic music accompaniment. (1.5 Mb)

Live performance with the Tube-A-Tron on Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley, CA (648 Kb)