Corporate Espionage

The Wackenhut Corporation, a private security firm, spied on environmental activists at the behest of its client, the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. Congressman George Miller (D-CA) conducted hearings on the operation.
Congressman Miller's introduction
"...we will explore the issue of whether Alyeska's use of a "bogus" environmental group formed by Wackenhut spies was an effort to disrupt and compromise a source of information for this Committee."

Charles Hamel's testimony
Mr. Hamel, the primary subject of the surveillance, is an oil-industry broker who was supplying Congressman Miller's committee with inside information on apparent environmental violations by the Alyeska partners.

Sheree Rich's testimony
One of the investigators hired by Wackenhut explains her job.

Ricki Sue Jacobsen's testimony
Another of Wackenhut's employees speaks out.

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