Bay of Pigs veterans

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Alfredo Caballero “ was under DEA investigation for cocaine trafficking and money laundering when the State Department chose the company to be a ...supplier” (Kerry Report) owned DIACSA, Miami base airplane dealership and parts supply company.
Business partner of Floyd Carlton, who flew cocaine for Noriega, and was a friend of Mario Calero. Indicted in jan 86, senteced to 5 years for helping to import 900 lbs. of cocaine and laudering $2.6 million. Given light sentence because of cooperation with authorities.
Cocaine Politics - 11, 69, 70, 108, 110
Frank Castro “several sources are now saying Pastora is going to be bankrolled by former Bay of Pigs veteran Frank Castro, who is heavily into drugs.” (Rob Owen, Nov. 1984) Head of Cuban National Liberation Front, worked with Manuel Artime. Indicted for smuggling more than a million pounds of marijuana into the US.
charges in ‘83 drug arrest were dropped as he started contra training base in Everglades. Neutrality Act indictment of 88 dismissed by judge in ‘89 because of apparent hostility between US and Nicaragua (effectively at war). Associate with Corvo and Hull. Indicted as part of Operation Grouper.
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Juan Restoy Operation Eagle broke up “a nationwide ring of wholesalers handling about 30 percent of all heroin sales and 75 to 80 percent of all cocaine sales in the United States” Member of Operation 40, to take control of Cuba after BoP
Part of “Operation Eagle” bust. “As many as 70 percent of those arrested had once belonged to the Bay of Pigs invasion” (Cocaine Politics).
Killed by federal drug agents (US?) after escaping from jail.
Cocaine Politics 26,
Carlos Hernandez Rumbaut
arrested in Mobile, AL with 467 pounds of marijuana. Recruited by BNDD. Asset of Lucien Conein. Skipped bail and ended up in Costa Rica, working as presidential body guard and second-in-command ofnarcotics police. Continued drug smuggling up to 1976 Cocaine Politics 28, 29
Jose Medardo Alvero Cruz ‘pioneering use of ‘mother ships’ to off-load large volumes of marijuna was “something he picked up from the CIA” according to [former CIA commando] Grayston Lynch” Cocaine Politics, 29 informant told federal investigators that Cruz provided large sums of money to anti-Castro fight.
Trained Guillermo Tabrue and Hernandez Rumbaut.
Cocaine Politics, 29
Jose Antonio Fernandez “Fernandez, according to his own testimony in a later drug trial, had been sent into Cuba by the CIA to handle communications for the Bay of Pigs invasion. His smuggling organization included a host of CIA veterans from that era” Cocaine Politics, citing Houston Chronicle 09Jan83. indicted as part of Operation Grouper, along with Frank Castro, Steven Kalish
See also entry on Gustavo Villoldo
CocainePolitics 29,30, 211 note
Houston Chronicle 13Jul83
Gustavo Villoldo “contact indicates that Gustavo is involved w/ drugs” Oliver North’s notebooks, 12May84 “ According to a DEA report, two of the ex-CIA agents in the Fernandez conspired in 1979 to import drugs with Gustavo Villoldo, a Cuban-born CIA officer sent fours years later into Central America by Vice President Bush’s national security Adviser Donald Gregg to advise the Contras on military strategy” Cocaine Politics 29 also North notebooks 21Dec1984

(not directly Bay of Pigs)
Guillermo Hernandez Cartaya “the head of the Dade County investigation of WFC later said he found that one company subsidiary was “nothing but a CIA front” Cocaine Politcs pg. 31, citing Providence Sunday Journal 22Jun1980 Head of WFC, a Florida-based financial conglomerate and drug-trafficking front. Suspected of working with Gustavo Villoldo. Cocaine Politics 31, 32, 53, 200n, 201note