Covert operations

Iran/contra affair
A variety of reports and declassified documents, including reports of drug-running.
CIA vs. Guatemala
The 220kbyte file contains all the references to Guatemala in CIABASE (opcit.)
See also the Jennifer Harbury page
The BNL affair
The story behind the arming of Iraq by western nations, including the US, Britain, Germany and Italy.
The FBI's Counter-Intelligence program put progressive activists under surveillance because of their political activities. Evidence suggests that aspects of the program live on.
The Inslaw affair
Includes congressional reports, interviews, documents, attorney commentary on the theft of the PROMIS software by the US Department of Justice.
Information on CIABASE
Created by former CIA Officer Ralph McGehee, very useful.
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Also see this Actiopron Alert on continuing harrassment of Mr. McGehee

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