Dr. S. O. Teric

I've performed multi-media art since the late 1970's. The first computer performances I did were on an Altair 680 with digital audio peripherals I designed. I've steadily followed the technology price/performance curve since then.

Cactus Needle Project movie

1.5 Megabytes flattened Quicktime movie. This should run on Windows or Macintosh computers.

This is a slideshow, with soundtrack, of a video piece that is played with live electronic music accompaniment. Cactus Needle exposes, in its performances, fascist anti-democratic conspiracies, using multiple media, poetry and role-playing

Even More!: dynamic art, such as Quicktime VR scenes, MP3 files and more can be found here

Viridian Design Ideas

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Artwork copyright (c) 1995-2002 Robert F. Gonsalves

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